Top Electric Cars Oakville

Servicing all residents in the Halton region, if you are looking for top electric cars, we recommend visiting Budds’ BMWi. As technology continues to evolve in our society, the auto industry has begun to implement strategies for vehicles of all kinds to become more environment friendly. BMWi is a comprehensive and ground-breaking concept for sustainable mobility, and it has produced some of the
Oakville. BMWi takes sustainability to a whole new level with its electric vehicles through mobility services and unique design. If you are interested in purchasing one of BMWi’s top electric cars in Oakville, you should consider coming into a Budds’ BMWi dealership near you. We can provide customers with innovative vehicles that are emission-free and perfect for city driving, or hugging the curves in the road as a progressive sports car. The BMW i3 and i8 are exceptional driving machined that will give the driver an exhilarating experience behind the wheel, and just because these cars are electric and emission-free does not mean you will have to sacrifice on the performance or the style.

BMWi represents innovation and unique concepts for sustainability and mobility in the future. Infused with advanced technology, a fully-networked infrastructure, and innovative services, these top electric cars in Oakville are sure to bring pleasure along with the ride.

BMW i3:

The BMW i3 is able to redefine mobility. Its unique and futuristic design combined with its innovative BMW eDrive transmission makes this vehicle perfect for everyday urban use. As far as top electric cars in Oakville go, the i3 is a leader of the pack. Powered by its emission-free motor, and with the overall weight and size of the vehicle, the BMW i3 is a reliable choice for urban mobility. For the driver, the BMW i3 is impressive with its responsive acceleration from low speeds and from a stand still. Made to be very lightweight with a carbon and aerodynamic design for the body, the BMW i3 is also highly sustainable with recyclable materials in the interior. The BMW i3 gives you the combination of responsibility and optimal driving pleasure.

BMW i8:

Another frontrunner on the list of top electric cars in Oakville, the BMW i8. This vehicle combines sports car performance with the output of a smaller compact car. It is both efficient and sustainable, and the vehicle is guaranteed to provide the driver with an extraordinarily dynamic driving experience. The i8 is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that combines the advantages of electromobility and innovative engine technology, resulting in extremely low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

If you are wanting to know more about top electric cars in Oakville, we recommend that you come into a Budds’ BMWi dealership near you. You can also check out our website and contact us via phone or email. We can answer any of your questions, and we can get you behind the wheel of a premium i8 or i3 electric vehicle today!