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Although most consumers seek for a great deal on a new vehicle, you also need to examine underlying factors in order to get your money’s worth. Whether it would be reliability, interior comfort, mileage or performance, Budds’ BMWi Oakville offers a range of vehicles that will exceed your expectations and satisfaction on the road. BMW recently released a critically acclaimed BMW i8 for their fuel-efficiency without forfeiting its luster and driving dynamics. Not only is the BMW i8 currently available in the car dealership, they also offer the BMW 330e series for a reasonable price!

BMW 330e at a Glance

The incorporation of an effective electric motor and a BMW Twin-Power Turbo results in  exceptional driving dynamics along with a comfortable sedan. Resplendence, innovation, elegance, and a touch of sportiness is what creates a BMW 3 Series. Thanks to BMW’s eco-friendly approach, they are able to attain qualities such as their utmost efficiency which shapes into a BMW 3 Series Sedan.

Through its implementation of the BMW eDrive technology, a range of up to 40 kilometers is highly attainable in electric mode. Not only does the vehicle promise zero local emissions, there is also zero fuel consumption. The high-voltage battery is stored underneath the luggage compartment which has a volume of approx. 370 litres. It may seem overwhelming, but BMW seeks to make sure that there is no adverse effect on comfort while maintaining its functionality and space.  In addition, the plug-in hybrid offers optimum traction and agility which guarantees outstanding dynamics in all driving modes. As a result, the BMW 330e Sedan exceeds all expectations with regards to driving dynamics.

Intrigued with the qualities that BMW 330e offers? Interested in taking a closer look at the BMW i8? It is never too late to book an appointment with Budds’ BMWi Oakville! Give us a call today!