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Acknowledging and Addressing Environmental Concerns

The  usage of fossil fuels comes with an adverse affect on the environment. Recently, prominent car companies such as BMW began to address those issues by manufacturing top quality electric cars. Not only does utilizing batteries in cars prove to be a cheaper alternative, it strays away from our dependence on fossil fuels which is one of the leading causes of pollution.

The Efficient BMW i3 and The Sleek BMW i8

When comparing an electric vehicle with a fuel dependent vehicle, one of the prime distinctions lies with low maintenance costs. As of now, we currently offer our highly acclaimed vehicles: the BMW i3 and our plug-in hybrid vehicle, the BMW i8. Both the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 share a similar innovative concept that is tailored for each customer. Both vehicles gained their respective title of being the Best Car Design of the Year at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show and being the Best Green Car of the year at the 2015 AutoGuide’s Reader’s Choice award.

Budds’ BMWi Oakville

Located in Oakville, Budds’ BMWi is dedicated to provide you a positive experience in ownership. With our wide variety of car models, there is always a vehicle that will suit your needs. Whether the vehicle is new or pre-owned. We also offer some the best deals with our electric vehicles. If you ever need any guidance, we are more than glad to help you out! Given that our staff is credited with unparalleled customer service, we hold a firm belief that customer satisfaction is our prime priority.

Whether you are looking for an electric vehicle or something a little more traditional, we’ve got what you need at Budds’ BMWi Oakville! We are glad to help you find what suits your needs.