quality electric cars

If you are looking for high quality specifications for your car, BMWi Oakville offers a range of cars that exceed your expectations. Best of all, some vehicles are going on sale at the BMWi Oakville Branch! BMW innovates and produces a luxurious line up along with optional features that could enhance your experience. With reasonable prices, Budds’ BMW seeks to help you attain the exhilaration while riding on the road.

Besides mileage, fuel-efficiency, and interior spacing, there are other features that you need to acknowledge. In electric vehicles, the eDrive technology is implemented which provides a guaranteed emission-free and a relaxing driving pleasure. While driving an electric vehicle, a cooling system is implemented for the purpose of maintaining its high-voltage batteries at their operating temperature, increasing its performance and sustainability on the road.

When looking at either the BMW i3 or the BMW i8, both electric cars offer feature packages that meet your needs at a reasonable price. The BMW i3 comes with four packages: the lodge package, the suite package, the technology package, and the 20-inch alloy wheels package. The Lodge and Suite package share several qualities such as a rear view camera, comfort access, and a park assistant. However, the Lodge offers a combination of a cloth and leather interior while the Suite offers pure leather. For those who are tech-savvy, the Technology Package includes a driving assistant plus, internet, BMW apps, and a connected drive services.

When it comes down to purchasing a BMW i8, BMW offers two feature packages that encompass on its appearance: Apex Design Package and Helix Design Package. The Apex design includes an extended leather, dark/light headliner, as well as dark/light leather. For the Helix package includes a blue seat belt, anthracite headliner,  and olive tanned leather. Whether you choose the BMW i8 or the BMW i3, there is always something that accommodates every customer!

If you want to check out the sales we offer in Oakville, feel free to stop by at Budds’ BMWi Oakville anytime!