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Change is always constant and there is always room for innovation. In this current era, BMW becomes more environmentally conscious which leads to the production of the BMW i3. The BMW i3 delves into the world of electric vehicle design accompanied with a promise of generating zero emissions. BMW manufacturers and mechanics make sure that the perfectly tailored qualities of the BMW i3 provide an exhilarating experience for drivers. If you are looking for a fuel-efficient and an affordable price for your electric car, Budds’ BMWi located at Oakville offers a top quality car along with other customer needs.

All About the BMW i3

You do not need to hold your concerns about the interior space and its battery. While providing a sleek and modern design, there is an absence of a centre transmission tunnel. BMW sticks to their philosophy of using high-quality and sustainable materials to provide ample room and comfort for drivers.  The BMW i3 takes on its finest form of spontaneous pleasure. The lithium ion high-voltage battery combined with a dynamic electric motor and intelligent energy management provides for high ranges and an agile driving experience. To further explain the mileage, a fully charged BMW i3 can range up to 150 kilometers which is perfect for daily usage!

When recharging the battery for your vehicle, BMW commits to implementing any forms of convenience. As a result, charging your battery can be quick and ease on the road or at home. But wait, there is more to offer! With the BMW ConnectedDrive Services that can be downloaded on your Android or Apple phone, you can communicate directly to your BMW i3 by locating nearby charging stations. That way, you do not need to worry if you need to carry a full set of batteries when you are on the road!

Interested in purchasing the BMW i3? You can book an appointment with the BMWi Oakville branch by calling (905) 845-3577.