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Hybrid Car at Budds’ BMWi

There are many benefits associated with owning a hybrid car from Budds’ BMWi.  First and foremost are the environmental advantages, which include reduced emissions and less fuel consumption when compared against many traditional gasoline-engine vehicles.  Moving past the ecological aspect of hybrid cars, however, reveals a list of financial bonuses as well as a few unexpected improvements in the area of performance offered by this class of battery-assisted automobiles. Continue reading this page to find out about some of the advantages of purchasing at hybrid car at Budds’ BMWi.

Reduced Fuel Costs:

It’s the most obvious, and most-often touted benefit of a hybrid car at Budds’ BMWi: the amount of money that a battery-assisted vehicle can save you at the fuel pump.  There’s no question that many hybrid car buyers are attracted to the somewhat gaudy fuel mileage numbers posted by vehicles like the Toyota Prius, which can crest 50-mpg.  This is especially true for anyone with a long commute, as a hybrid car’s thrifty ways can take a sizable chunk out the monthly fuel bill thanks to the efficiencies associated with steady-state cruising.  A hybrid car is also an effective weapon in bumper-to-bumper traffic, where the ability to travel on battery power alone at low speeds becomes a significant asset.

Fewer Emissions:

Hybrid cars at Budds’ BMWi aren’t just thrifty when it comes to reducing the amount of gasoline one needs to purchase, their slow sip rate also translates into a significant reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases that they produce.  Hybrid cars help to keep the air clean, especially in major urban areas where gridlock can produce smog resulting from the accumulation of atmospheric pollutants.

Instant Torque:

A hybrid car at Budds’ BMWi can provide the driver with instant torque capability. The secret to the success of many hybrid vehicles is the fact that electric motors deliver their maximum torque rating instantaneously.  That means there’s no need to wait for the motor to spool or rev up – each and every one of its lb-ft are available as soon as the accelerator is mashed to the floor.

Driving in the HOV lane:

Car-pooling is an excellent way to save fuel, reduce commuting stress, and take cars off of the road to help prevent traffic snarls.  How many of us have gazed longingly at the empty high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane beside us while sitting in a jam, wishing we’d been able to rustle up a couple of friends for this particular trip into the city?  One of the ancillary benefits of hybrid cars is that they often-times give you access to the HOV lane even when you are the only person riding along. The theory behind this perk that hybrid cars deserve to benefit from the HOV lane due to their reduced tailpipe emissions.

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