Hybrid Car Technology Milton
Looking for the Latest Hybrid Car Technology in Milton? Visit Budds’ BMWi in Oakville!

With concern for the environment rapidly growing, Milton residents are often looking for the latest hybrid car technology so that they can make a positive impact on the environment. Milton residents should consider visiting our Budds’ BMWi dealership located just minutes away in Oakville. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly hybrid vehicle, or you’re more interested in purchasing a high-performance hybrid sports car, Budds’ BMWi has offers the latest hybrid car technology to Milton residents like yourself!

Growing Demand to Go Green at Budds’ BMWi

At our Budds’ BMWi Oakville dealership, we understand the growing demand for quality hybrid car technology in the Milton community. With the rapid development of Milton and more individuals and families looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Budds’ BMWi strives to provide the latest technological advancements in the auto industry to our communities. Feel free to call us at our Oakville dealership, or to come in and connect directly with our Budds’ BMWi team. We’re happy to discuss the positive impact these vehicles have on the environment. Budds’ BMWi makes finding the latest hybrid car technology easier and less foreign to Milton residents. Keeping our environment clean and driving in style while doing it isn’t simply reserved for some people! Since there is such a high demand for the latest hybrid BMWi vehicles, we offer competitive pricing and financial assistance packages to ensure that you have a chance to look and feel good in your premium vehicle. Our BMW i3 is offered at a reasonable $44,950. This high-performance vehicle is more affordable than some of BMW’s mainstream vehicles, and its family-friendly too!

Key Features of the BMW i3

When considering purchasing the latest hybrid car technology on the market, Milton residents should consider choosing the BMW i3 at Budds’ BMWi in Oakville. If you’re concerned about the health of our planet and want to join the electric revolution, our BMW i3 is the perfect place to start your journey. The BMW i3 has been designed to forever change the way the world looks at electric vehicles. This sleek, spacious automobile is made almost entirely of recycled materials and has been designed with enough space for backseat passengers. In addition to its spacious interior, the trunk contains a battery charging pack that will enable you to charge your electric BMW automobile from any place at any time. There is no need to worry about running out of battery power with this impressive machine. Budds’ BMWi offers our premium BMWi brand charging station to accompany your hybrid vehicle to make charging easy and convenient. With a standard range of up to 160 kilometres, most i3 customers will only have to charge their electric car once or twice a week. Book an appointment online or call us at Budds’ BMWi in Oakville. We’re here to make finding an electric car that suits your lifestyle simple.