Nothing but the Best Cars for Sale at Budds’ BMW Oakville

What does it take to be the best car? Style? Power? Speed? Fuel efficiency? Tons of features? The answer is all of those and more! That’s what BMW brings to the table and that’s why Budd’s has only BMW cars for sale. BMW has a rich history of automotive production, leading the way with countless innovations and state of the art technology packed into each and every vehicle. After a hundred years and millions of satisfied customers around the globe, it’s no wonder BMW is considered THE leaders in luxury.

Steptronic Shift Technology

Ok, so you really want an manual transmission but your spouse wants an automatic and your teenager doesn’t know how to drive a stick. Two against one means an auto is what you’ll most likely end up with. Boring. Or is it? It sure doesn’t have to be that way anymore with BMWs Steptronic shift technology. It takes your automatic transmission and adds all of the thrills of a manual. All you have to do is move your gear selector to the side and you’ll forget what auto means as you burn through the gears when, and only when, you decide to shift.

Wait, it gets even better than that. Don’t feel like reaching for the gear stick every time? That’s why paddle buttons are added directly to the steering wheel, so you can enjoy the sportier feeling of a manual without ever taking your hand off of the wheel.

Head- Up Display

One of the most dangerous aspects of driving is having to take your eyes off of the road to gather important information such as your speed. The technology literally places all of the important information directly in your line of sight in a non-intrusive way. Everything appears right on your wind shield and you can select the brightness and the type of data displayed. Options for display vary by model but besides speed you can also see lane guides, pedestrian recognition and the status of active cruise control, just to name a few. You travel more distance than you might think in the split second you take your eyes off the road so the BMW Head-Up Display could literally be a life saver.

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