Electric Cars For Sale Milton

Budds’ BMWi in Oakville should be your first choice when looking for electric cars for sale in Milton. We’re just a short distance away from Milton, located off of Bronte Road, just south of the QEW. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly SUV or sedan to get you to and from work, or you’re looking for that summer sports car you’ve always been dreaming of, be sure to visit our Oakville dealership for assistance in your search.

Join Budds BMWi in Taking Steps Toward a Cleaner Future!

This is the beginning of an electric revolution and Budds’ BMWi has many electric cars for sale at our Oakville dealership. We encourage Milton residents to join us in keeping our communities clean and helping reduce fossil fuel emissions. As experts in the automobile industry, and with all of the knowledge that we have access to regarding climate change, we understand what it takes to help make a positive change towards a cleaner environment. No matter what your style preferences are, we can help you choose a vehicle that will provide you with a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride while making less of an impact on the environment. Our electric cars for sale offer Milton residents a more fuel efficient driving experience, without compromising quality and performance. Our premium hybrid BMW automobiles are made of carbon fibre, which is significantly lighter in weight than steel, and allows for minimal gas consumption.

Interesting Facts about Our Electric Cars for Sale

Are you still wondering why you should choose Budds’ BMWi in Oakville when shopping for electric cars for sale in Milton? We provide our clients with extensive information about all of our premium electric models. Did you know that with a standard range of up to 160 kilometers, BMW i3 customers will only have to charge their electric car once or twice a week. Our i3 is the perfect choice for those interested in shopping for electric cars, as it’s more affordable than some of our traditional BMW vehicles, starting only at $44,950. On the other hand, if you prefer an electric sport model, our i8 is a great option for you! With its intelligent lightweight design and eDrive powertrain, the i8 can achieves 0-100 km/h in less than 4.5 seconds. That’s impressive! Regardless of whether you prefer a sports car, SUV, or sedan, all of our electric vehicles are made of nearly 100 percent recycled materials. At Budds BMWi in Oakville, we do our best to provide you with vehicles that you can look and feel great in, and also feel proud to drive knowing that you’re positively affecting the environment