Electric Car at Budds BMWi

Driving an electric car is a great way for people to save money and also contribute towards a healthy and stable environment. If you are looking for a vehicle that is zero emissions and is good for the environment, then you should visit us today and check out an electric car at Budds’ BMWi. EV’s get their power from rechargeable batteries installed inside the car. These batteries are not only used to power the car but also used for the functioning of lights and wipers. Electric cars have more batteries than normal gasoline car. It’s the same kind of batteries that are commonly used when starting up a gasoline engine. The only difference comes in the fact that in electric vehicles, they have more of them which are used to power the engine. If you are looking to purchase an electric car at Budds’ BMWi then continue reading this page to get information about our BMW i3 and i8.

The BMW i3:

The BMW i3 is a zero emission vehicle, the very first to be mass produced by BMW. Even more impressive is the fact that the i3 rated number one for operating cost in a test conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is no small feat and is just one of the several reasons that the BMW i3 is a top electric car at Budds’ BMWi and should be considered when deciding on a new purchase. Redefining urban mobility means thinking far beyond environmentally conscious and agile driving. The result: With its visionary design, the BMW i3 design defines the electric car of tomorrow. Its innovative eDrive transmission was designed in the scope of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology and is not only emission-free, but also offers an incomparable and nearly silent driving experience compared to other EV’s. Come in and see us if you would like to test drive this electric car at Budds’ BMWi.

The BMW i8:

Are you in the market for something a little sportier? Well we’ve got you covered there too. With a top speed of 250 km/h and a 0-60 of just 4.4 seconds, this electric car is definitely no slouch. The BMW i8 is sure to be a head turner with its sleek, modern design and loads of innovative features. The awards continue to accumulate for the i8, in just 2015 alone it won the AutoGuide Reader’s Choice award for ‘Best Green Car of the Year’, Fame India Eco Drive’s ‘World Green car of the Year’ and also took down ‘UK Car of the Year’. That’s quite an impressive resume. If you are looking for an electric car at Budds’ BMWi, then you have come to the right place!

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