With the increasing demand for electric cars and sustainable measures around the globe, Budds’ BMWi brand has built a strong foundation in Oakville, Ontario. With over 30+ electric cars in stock, Budds’ BMWi takes pride in being 1 of 3 BMWi Electric Car Dealers in all of Ontario. Many people have questioned the usability and practicality of the i3 and i8 cars, but Budds’ puts that to rest with its strong electric car adoption rate and approachable and professional BMWi staff.

Appealing to every-day car users and electric car fans alike, the BMW i3 and BMW i8 have impressed many onlookers through a variety of factors.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Besides being able to drive in the HOV lane throughout some of Ontario’s major highways, the i3 and i8 are eligible for a sizable government rebate being an EV. Through the Ontario EV Incentive Program, the i3 is eligible for an $8,500.00 price reduction, and the i8 is afforded a very respectable $5,808.00 price reduction as both vehicles are eco-friendly.

Advanced Technology & Fuel Efficiency

If you can imagine a car that is fully recyclable, then you’d be imagining the BMW i3. The interior of the vehicle is comprised of plant fibre, natural wood, and many other uncommon materials that are a result of thinking outside-the-box. Through regenerative braking, the car actually is able to extend the range of the car by converting kinetic energy into electricity which can bring the car to a complete stop once your foot stays off the accelerator for long enough. The i3 also sees incredible fuel economy with EPA city/highway (charge-depleting mode, charge-sustaining mode): 127/107 MPGe, 41/37 mpg, and C/D observed: 60 MPGe (stability-control-inhibited).

Drivability & Practicality

Being one of the only electric car dealerships in Oakville, and 1 of 3 BMWi dealerships in Ontario, test driving the electric i3 and i8 is the best part. From the i3’s ability to handle steering and corners with ease, to the breath-taking agility of the all-wheel drive i8, it’s difficult not to fall in love! Both vehicles serve up BMW’s Ultimate Driving Experience in spades. If you’re looking into the BMWi brand, then contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our highly trained BMWi brand specialists.