Are you looking for a sleek, yet a convenient car that accommodates your need for fuel-efficiency accompanied with top quality performance? Every year, BMW continues to thrive on customer satisfaction as well delivering their best results for the world to discover. As of 2013, BMW takes an eco-friendly approach where hybrid electric cars are produced to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Recently, BMW presents their highly acclaimed and innovative i8 model comprised with myriad features that will guarantee a felicitous experience on the road.

Brief look on BMW i8

BMW i8 is a plug-in-hybrid that provides an extraordinary synchronization of an advantageous electric motor and combustion engine. Ever since BMW i8 was introduced, the car gained prominence and recognition. In 2015, BMW i8 is notable for its ‘Best Green Car of the Year’ presented by AutoGuide’s Reader’s Choice award, ‘World Green car of the Year’ presented by Fame India Eco Drive’s, as well as ‘UK Car of the Year’. With intelligent lightweight construction with carbon and aerodynamic design as well as a highly efficient BMW eDrive technology, BMW i8 reinvents a sporting mobility car that is shaped in sustainability and quality. BMW perfectly tailors those qualities to provide customers with an optimum combination of driving pleasure and responsibility.

Brief look on BMW 330e

BMW 330e is another plug-in-hybrid vehicle that was unveiled in 2015.  When the battery is fully charged, the vehicle can last you up to 40 kilometres without losing your fuel. BMW 330e also includes an intelligent energy management system and an eDrive button. The eDrive button allows the driver to choose between three eDrive modes: the standard AUTO eDRIVE mode, the purely electric MAX eDRIVE mode and the SAVE BATTERY mode, which maintains the charging status at a constant level.

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