Buy A Hybrid Car Burlington

To buy a hybrid car in the Burlington area is easy when you come into Budds’ BMWi in Oakville. Our Budds’ BMWi dealership in Oakville is located just minutes away from Burlington on the QEW, and we have been proudly servicing Burlington residents for quite some time. If you are the type of person that is very aware of environmental issues, and you understand the value of driving a vehicle that is low fuel consumption and low emissions, then you should buy a hybrid car in the Burlington area from us at Budds’ BMWi in Oakville. Our hybrid cars at Budds’ BMWi Oakville are the pinnacle of quality, comfort, and performance, and when you want to buy a hybrid car in the Burlington area, you should really consider checking out the BMW i3 and i8 vehicles. When you come into our Budds’ BMWi dealership in you will be greeted with some world class customer service. We pride ourselves on providing our valued clients with the same quality of customer service as the quality hey are getting in their hybrid vehicles; they go hand-in-hand. If you are interested in purchasing a hybrid car in the Burlington area, then you should make the short trip into Oakville to visit our Budds’ BMWi dealership, and check out our i8 and i3 hybrid cars. We have provided some information about these quality hybrid vehicles below.

The BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a zero-emission vehicle, and should be considered one of the top electric vehicles when deciding to buy a hybrid car in the Burlington area. The i3 is a very futuristic and modern looking vehicle and the technology it poses inside and throughout is the same. With its visionary design, the i3 is a perfect depiction of the electric car of the future. It’s innovative eDrive transmission is not only emission-free, but also provides a remarkably silent driving experience. These vehicles require a charging concept that provides for a new dimension for electric cars. The BMW i3 can be charged very quickly and easily at home using the BMWi charging station or the home charging cable. It can also be charged on the go from continuously increasing the number of public charging stations around Burlington and Oakville.

The BMW i8

If you are wanting to buy a hybrid car in the Burlington area, but you are looking for something sportier, then you should consider the stunning BMW i8. With a top speed of 250 km/h and 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds, the i8 has got you covered for speed and performance. This electric car is a head turner with its sleek and modern design and its innovative features. The BMW i8 has reinvented the way we think about fuel efficient and low emissions electric vehicles. Considered as a ‘supercar,’ the BMW i8 is on the affordable side compared to other supercars that are not electric or fuel efficient that we more commonly think of. If you understand the value of low emissions vehicles and how they can benefit the environment, but you still want to the performance and the sleek design, then the BMW i8 is for you.

If you are living in the Burlington area and you want to buy a hybrid car around Burlington, then you should come into our Budds’ BMWi dealership in Oakville. Feel free to continue browsing through our website for more information, or you can contact us via phone or email.