The all new i3. BMW’s first electric car redefines urban mobility and forward thinking beyond environmentally conscious and agile driving. Finally, an emission-free electric car able to provide the dynamic performance worthy of the BMW roundel.


With a standard range of up to 160 kilometres, most i3 customers will only have to charge their electric car once or twice a week.

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The Efficient BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a zero emission vehicle, the very first to be mass produced by BMW. Even more impressive is the fact that the i3 rated number one for operating cost in a test conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is no small feat and is just one of the several reasons that the BMW i3 is one of the top electric vehicles to consider when deciding on a new purchase.

Redefining urban mobility means thinking far beyond environmentally conscious and agile driving. The result: With its visionary design, the BMW i3 design defines the electric car of tomorrow. Its innovative eDrive transmission was designed in the scope of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology and is not only emission-free, but also offers an incomparable and nearly silent driving experience compared to other EV’s.

An innovative charging concept provides for a new dimension for electric cars and EV’s alike. Like it’s big brother – the BMW i8 hybrid sports car, the BMW i3 can not only be charged quickly, easily, and conveniently at home using the BMW i Charging Station or the home charging cable, it can also be charged on the go from a continuously increasing number of public charging stations around Oakville and the surrounding area. Budds’ BMW Oakville is 1 of 3 BMW dealers in all of Ontario that is authorized to sell both the BMW i3 fully electric car and the BMW i8 hybrid sports car.